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Welcome to R Draper Ltd.

A truly green operation, we take nature's basic ingredients, blend and screen them to provide high quality soil based products for commercial, agricultural and leisure use.

With nearly 60 years of continuous operations we are contractors to major builders, local authorities, sports grounds and growers.

We Sell a range of Organic Composts, Blended Sands and Soils, freshly dug agricultural Top Soil and good quality Recovered Soil. All products are continually in stock at our Simonswood depot and are available for immediate delivery or collection. Specialist root zones can be blended to order and to your exact requirments.

We Buy good quality top soil and sand.

We Move soil and sand, we clear industrial sites of excess earth. We have a range of specialist vehicles available for bulk haulage and earth moving. We collect organic waste from stables and provide regular guaranteed supplies of rotted manure to growers of all kinds.

We Dig lagoons and lay farm tracks.